Galerij Artisjock 2020
26/09/2020  - Galerij Artisjok 
Paardenmarkt 56, 2000 Antwerp 
The exhibition will present a selection of Artworks by Barteu in the beautiful location of gallery artisjop in Antwerp .
Filippo Citterio (b. 1987) is an emerging Italian artist based in Paris who stands out for his action paintings made with an innovative technique created by himself. In his works, he juxtaposes the language of painting and Flair Bartending, a skill he acquired in his experience as a Flair bartender.
His colourful and vibrant paintings capture the spontaneity in the intense movements made by the artist, the vibrant strokes demonstrate a unique energy on the texture, the surface, the characteristic relief.
To inaugurate the exhibition, on Saturday, 26 September, the artist will show a Performance live with his fascinating Technique offering to the participants a unique experience of seeing his creative process.
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Summer Show 2020
21/06/2020 - 21/08/2020 3d Art Gallery 
Kunstmatrix Online Gallery

The art exhibition of the emerging artist BARTEU awaits you online starting June 21, 2020.
The 2020 summer show is the artist's first 3d exhibition with a careful selection of some vibrant and fascinating works by the Italian artist who creates his works mixing painting with the discipline of flair bartending.
Exhibition will be viewable online in order to allow all fans and art collectors to discover the life and works of the artist.
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